SEARCH Day Program, Inc.

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Positive Behavioral Support
 For nearly forty-five years, SEARCH Day Program has  understood  that the attainment of socialization,      communication and academic skills begins with a faculty  that recognizes the dignity  and special needs of our  students are best supported by providing effective    learning environments.

  Positive behavioral support begins with a responsive educational and comprehensive support structure for students to change interfering behavior patterns. Based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, positive behavioral support is an assessment-based intervention model. In other words, functional assessment techniques first identify the variable responsible for a challenging behavior and then interventions are arranged based on the identified maintaining variables. The product of this form of behavioral support is careful organization of both antecedent and consequential variables within the daily instructional framework and a focus on teaching adaptive skills to change patterns of challenging behavior. Thorough collaboration with direct care staff precedes the implementation of all programs. Direct supervision and demonstration are provided for accurate classroom follow-through. These are the essential features of positive behavioral support at SEARCH Day Program.

"Each morning I drop the children off at school knowing that they are in gentle, competent hands. Even though they cannot yet tell me how they feel about school, I can see in their interactions with teachers and staff that they feel loved." ~Parent
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