SEARCH Day Program, Inc.

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As mandated by the New Jersey Department of Education, SEARCH Day Program is posting a copy of our Bullying Policy.


Policy and Procedures Regarding Harassment, Intimidation,

or Bullying by Students


SEARCH Day Program, servicing students diagnosed with autism, does not typically encounter students who “harass, intimidate, or bully” others per say, but rather has students who may demonstrate inappropriate behaviors that are inherent to the diagnosis of autism.  As a school that specializes in meeting the needs of students with autism, consistent, well-planned, and carefully implemented instruction and positive behavioral supports are an integral component of our program.  We therefore strive towards a high tolerance level when working with students who demonstrate inappropriate behaviors connected to their disability.  Our support systems for these students include intensive positive behavioral supports as well as positive instructional techniques and a focus on increasing students ability to effectively communicate their wants and needs in a socially appropriate manner such as words, signs, and/or pictures.


SEARCH Day Program has developed policies, practices, and expertise to support students with autism who have significant behavior challenges. However, there are infrequent occasions when despite school team-based programmatic efforts in the classroom setting, and the available support services maintained by SEARCH Day Program, a student’s behavior challenges pose a significant threat to the maintenance of a safe school environment, and create an unsafe classroom environment for students and faculty.


In the event that SEARCH Day Program administration has evidence that a student’s challenging behavior poses a significant and clear risk to school safety and undermines the educational program available to himself, other students, and/or the staff and that the nature of a student’s challenging behavior is dangerous and inappropriate to the classroom environment, an immediate suspension to occur concurrent with a 15 day termination will be enacted. This administrative action will be reserved for chronic or extreme cases and will be based on the responsibility to balance a school’s need to maintain a safe educational setting, and the individual needs of the student(s).


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