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Implementation Plan

SEARCH Day Program School Re-Opening Implementation Plan (7.8.20)

This is the SEARCH Day Program School Re-Opening Implementation Plan. This plan has been developed using the most recent guidance from various sources, such as the NJDOE The Road Back-Restart and Recovery Plan (June 2020); the New Jersey COVID-19 Youth Summer Camp Standards; and local guidance from the Monmouth County Health Department. Below is a visual display that summarizes the standards contained in both guidance documents. On the right side, The Road Back-Restart and Recovery Plan and the New Jersey COVID-19 Youth Summer Camp Standards. In the center column, a description of minimum requirements and considerations written in the standards. In the right side column, the ability to implement the minimum standards at the SEARCH Day Program (right side column) is described.

Finally, in order to maintain a safe learning environment for students and faculty, it is expected that the schools operational practices will evolve with the changing nature of the guidance from local and state health officials and dissemination of information. As a result, this document should be considered starting point for the return to on campus school operations beginning on July 13th 2020.

A SEARCH Day Program Return to School Plan has been prepared by the school health office and contains a more through description of the schools policies, guidelines and procedures related to COVID-19. It is available in the appendix of this document

10 Critical Areas of Operation in restart plans outlined in The Road Back-Restart and Recovery Plan

  1. General Health and Safety Guidelines
  2. Classrooms, Testing, and Therapy Rooms
  3. Transportation
  4. Student Flow, Entry, Exit, and Common Areas
  5. Screening, PPE, and Response to Students and Staff Presenting Symptoms
  6. Contact Tracing
  7. Facilities Cleaning Practices
  8. Meals
  9. Recess/Physical Education
  10. Extracurricular Activities and Use of Facilities Outside of School Hour

COVID-19 Youth Camps Standards

  1. Staff and Camper Training
  2. Screening and Admittance
  3. Face masks, Infection Control and Social distancing strategies
  4. Protocols for Facility and Buildings Management
  5. Attendance
  6. Protocols for Transportation Services
  7.  Documented policy and procedures for food service
  8. Activities
  9. Questions or Concerns
Social distancing in instructional and non-instructional spaces on campusClassrooms will have 100% of the faculty and 50% of the students on campus. In addition, the available multi-purpose rooms, therapy rooms, and designated outdoors areas will be available for instructional and non-instructional spaces in order to maintain social distancing standards.

Staff Online Training:  Handwashing, PPE (masks, handwashing and hand sanitizer), COVID-19 Symptoms - School nurse conducted faculty meeting on June 16th to address training on the basic principles and procedures on topics such as infection control, hand washing practices, personal protective equipment COVID-19 signs and symptoms, social distancing practices, screenings at designated entry points into the school. 

Guidelines and procedures written regarding PPE use and training - SDP Return to School Plan contains guidelines and procedures regarding the use of PPE (#3, page 6) and PPE use guidelines were presented to the faculty at the June 16th professional development. Notes: SDP has a supply of PPE including various types of face coverings, face shields, haz mat suits, gloves, etc.

Instruction to students regarding PPE use - SDP faculty has participated in various professional development activities to prepare to instruct students on the use of PPE both onsite and remotely.  

At designated entry points staff and students need screening for COVID symptoms and temperature checks - Designated screening entry points on campus have been identified for all students and faculty; faculty, parents and students are advised that there is a series of daily COVID-19 screening questions and temperature check at the beginning of each school/work day. Notes: faculty will be screened immediately prior to entry each school day by school nurse, or designee. Faculty with suspected COVID symptoms will be asked to return to their vehicles to receive further screening and direction from the school nurse. This will include a temperature screening. Students will be screened at the school bus (or parent vehicle) prior to exiting the bus or vehicle. Students suspected with COVID systems will be escorted to designated isolation area to be further screened by the school nurse.   

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