SEARCH Day Program, Inc.

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SEARCH Day Program was born from the determination of concerned parents and professionals who came together wanting to find appropriate education for their children with autism. They worked diligently and founded SEARCH Day Program in 1971. Our program was the first non-profit, state approved 12-month school in the state of New Jersey, specializing in creative programming for individuals with autism. SEARCH soon developed adult services for autism with a day program and residential services in order to provide a continuum of supports through their lifespan. Today, with over forty- seven years of experience, SEARCH Day Program is one of the leading schools and adult providers in the State that serves individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Creative, motivating programs in the most natural settings are the desired educational practice. SEARCH recognizes the value of a variety of learning theories and principles. Application of these theories and principles may be modified to address the distinct needs of each learner. The collaborative partnerships we've formed between our professionals at SEARCH, district child study teams, the Division of Developmental Disabilities, parents and community leaders is essential. Services provided by SEARCH include speech and language therapy, positive behavioral supports, occupational therapy, community-based instruction, physical education, aquatics program, transitional services, inclusion, in-home parent support and parent workshops, sibling group and a Saturday recreation/respite program.

SEARCH Day Program has been and continues to be a non-aversive, positive behavioral support agency united in the belief that all learners will achieve a quality experience in communication, socialization, independence and academic accomplishment.

Our learners are individuals who possess inherent worth, deserving dignity, respect and a right to the enjoyment of life.

"It's hard to believe that any group of people could so profoundly improve a little girl's life and future."

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