SEARCH Day Program, Inc.

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In-Home Parent Support Program

SEARCH Day Program offers our families a comprehensive in-home support program that provides assistance and support with skill acquisition and generalization of skills to our students in the home and community. Sessions are conducted once a week, typically ranging from 6-8 consecutive sessions and may be extended, if necessary. Families receive information and explanations of specific behavior principles that are utilized with their child. A demonstration of techniques is modeled with a hands-on approach, instructional training is provided and materials are developed that are tailored to fit the individual needs of the child. The In-Home Support Program is family initiated.

Following a family’s request for support, information is gathered in respect to the behavior targeted for change. The initial meeting consists of getting acquainted between parties and the presentation of an indirect assessment that includes an interview to elicit information in relevance to the area of concern. Families may be asked to take some descriptive data through direct observation of their child’s performance/behaviors.

Using a collaborative team approach between school personnel and family, a program is developed implementing a variety of interventions using positive behavior supports that address the behavior under observation. Some of the skills and behaviors addressed are toileting, independent bathing skills, eating skills, aggressive behavior, community outings, communication skills, social skills and sleeping patterns.

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