SEARCH Day Program, Inc.

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Occupational Therapy 

The focus of Occupational Therapy services at SEARCH Day Program is to assist students in developing the foundational skills needed to achieve their classroom objectives. Occupational Therapy services may be provided in a group or consultative session. Group sessions focus on developing postural skills, fine motor skills, motor planning abilities, bilateral coordination, visual perceptual skills, self-help skills, and pre-vocational skills. Group sessions allow students to develop vital socialization skills, cooperation skills, functional attending skills, and coping strategies.

The development of the sensory system is also addressed during group sessions through use of movement activities and incorporation of a variety of tactile materials. Consultative sessions allow the student to receive more individualized attention to address specific areas of need. These sessions serve to educate classroom staff on adaptive techniques that may be helpful in assisting a student to achieve classroom objectives and are an important component of Occupational Therapy services.

We often provide Occupational Therapy group/consultative sessions in conjunction with Adapted Physical Education services. Our Adapted Physical Education teacher works with our Occupational Therapist to assist our students in the development of vital gross motor skills. We strive to assist our students in reaching their optimal potential using purposeful play, creativity and enthusiasm.

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